When You Skip Sleeping

Has it ever happened to you that you simply were not able to get enough or any sleep at all? Well, we definitely know how it must have made you feel. Not very good. Because not sleeping is not cool and although you think that it is the best solution for you (for example when you want to study for an exam) here are some things that will persuade you otherwise.

  1. You may feel fine at first, but suddenly you will relalize that you cannot keep your eyes open.
  2. It makes it impossible for you to study or to focus.
  3. You look terrible the next day. Dark circles, sallow skin. Is it really worth it?
  4. You eat a lot. Like really a lot.
  5. It will mess with your period. So if you are expecting your period, just make sure that you get enough of sleep.
  6. It makes you feel as if you were drunk.
  7. The next day will probably be even worse.
  8. Instead of staying late, you should wake up early and try to do the things you were supposed to do at night. Actually, the later it gets the less productive you are.
  9. You are more likely to get sick.
  10. It kills your sex drive.
  11. You will find it much harder to get back to your own ways.

How do you feel when you are skipping sleep? Let us know!

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