Things Your Gynecologist Should Never Do

gallery-1447447338-landscape-1447348837-ghk-speculumThe time for your gyno appointment has come again. And you probably feel a little bit stressed, because well, it is not a very pleasant examination, is it? But with a good doctor, it can be less embarrassing. But how do you know whether your doctor is a good doctor? Well, let´s have a look at these 6 things that your doctor should never do during your appointment:

  1. Your gynecologist should not judge you. Never. And although they are supposed to ask oyu uncomfortable personal questions, they should not show any reaction.
  2. Your doctor should not give you personal advice. They can only give you professional advice and let you decide for yourself.
  3. Your doctor should not test you without yourself knowing what they are testing you for. You are allowed to know what is happening with your body. Well, you actually are the one in charge of what can and cannot be done with it. So, if your doctor has ever done this before, you might consider looking for another gyno.
  4. Your gyno should not say or do anything that will make you feel bad about your body. They can only tell you to lose or gain weight in case it has to do something with your health.
  5. He or she should also explain everything they are doing and not do anything without an explanation.
  6. They shouldn´t violate your confidentiality.

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