The Shape Of Your Face Vs. Your Personality


Obviously, your face shape can tell much about your personality. Which is both great and terrible at the same time. First it allows you to get some basic information about people just by looking at them. And second, it allows the other people to get some basic information about you without actually getting to know you. Crazy, right? Well, let’s have a look at what personality features various face shapes represent.

  1. Diamond Face Shape – wide cheekbones, pointed forehead and chin. This shape represents detail-oriented, communicative, organized person.
  2. Triangle Shape – Narrow forehead, wide jawline. Represents creative, artistic, sensitive and dominant person.
  3. Rectangle Shape – people with rectangle shaped face are usually good planners, active and emotionally-introverted.
  4. Heart Shape – these people are intuitive, stubborn, creative.
  5. Oval Shape – people with oval shaped face are overachievers. They are practical, methodical and compassionate.
  6. Square Shape – people with wide hair and jaw line. They have sharp with and are analytical.

So, does the description fit? We do hope that you will find it helpful! Enjoy!

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