The Most Basic Skincare Tips


If you belong to the group of girls who do not really seem to pay extra attention to their skin, these basic skincare tips are just for you!

  1. When cleaning your skin, you need to use soap-free cleansers in order to keep your skin hydrated and prevent it from becoming dry. During this cold season, having dry skin is the worst you can do.
  2. Replace lotions with creams. During the winter, it is better to use creams, because they will protect your skin from the cold more effectively than lotions.
  3. Exfoliate your skin. Your whole body. Do it regularly, however, not too often.
  4. Have a hand cream in your bag, so that you can use it whenever you have to.
  5. Do not forget about a good lip balm! Your lips need to stay protected as well, but we bet that you realize it.
  6. Avoid hot showers – we know that having a hot shower is probably something you long for after a cold day spent outdoors, however, you should not overdo it with the temperature of the water.
  7. See your dermatologist for an annual skin cancer check. now it is the good time, so do not hesitate and do not put it off.

Good luck! Your skin will thank you!

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