Shoes Hacks For Your Feet


It is fall now, almost winter and you need to realize that the times of sandals are forever gone. Now you have to deal with the blisters and that is definitely not funny, is it? Well, let me show you some hacks that will help you handle the pain.

  1. This one thing might sound crazy, but it will help you. Just tape your fourth and third finger together and your feet will feel fantastic!
  2. Rub clear deodorant over the spots you think might get sore.
  3. If you get some blisters – by any mistake – simply soak your feet in a cold green tea.
  4. Stretch your boots if you feel that you need some more space by spraying some leather-stretching spray into the boots.
  5. If you have worn-out heels, simply place cap on the end of them. It is a smart and quick solution.
  6. Scuff up the bottoms of your flats with sandpaper before you wear them in public. You do not want to slide down the stairs.
  7. Invest in a pair of super-slim cushions.

So, now you are ready for the fall and the winter. Enjoy your shoes!

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