Would you like to have a better sex? Well, who would not! Do not worry, it is easy! All you have to do is follow these tips! Are you ready? Read and learn.

  1. Speak – you have to tell your partner about the things that turn you on. He cannot figure it out himself! So, make sure that you are as clear as possible when telling him what turns you on!
  2. Dress – costumes, sexy underwear… You would be surprised but they do create the atmosphere. And if you do not think so, then it is probably because you have never tried them yourself!
  3. Tell him about your secret fantasies – perhaps he will be all up for it! And he will also tell you about his secret fantasies and believe me, that is going to be fun!
  4. Role play – role play is fun! Just start simple and soon you will enjoy it!
  5. Try something dirty! – perhaps now it is the right time to go to the sex shop!
  6. Try to have sex in different places – bed gets boring, we all know it.
  7. Let him take the charge.
  8. Watch sexy videos together.
  9. But do not forget that you have to stay real. Sex is sex, it does not always have to work out.
  10. Masturbate – you have to know what works on you!

So? Are you ready? Yes you are!

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