Sure, dating an artist may sound exciting at first. However, is it really exciting? Or is it really not something we are looking for in a relationship. Well, let´s have a look at some positives and also some negatives of being in a relationship with an artist, shall we?

Let´s start with the positives:

First of all, when you are dating an artist, you really get to find out how they live. And it is pretty exciting!

Also, prepare to receive better presents. Because, well, artists are more romantic, right?

You can expect that your partner will be honest. Perhaps too honest, but that is not our point. What we mean is that no one will express their feelings like and artist.

And the best part is, that if you are dating an artist, it will teach you a lot about determination and loving who you are.

And the negatives would be:

First of all, they do not know what having a schedule means. They do not really care about time and that might really be driving you crazy.

Do not expect your partner to have stable income. Because he does not.

Also, be sure that there will be lots of female fans that will flirt with him all the time.

And prepare that he will often require solitude. So if you are that kind of person who likes to spend all of your free time with yoru boyfriend, you should be looking somewhere else.

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