Foods That Can Fix Your Thinning Hair

Every woman wants a beautiful hair, right? But what can she do in order to make that happen if her hair is too thin? Well, these foods can help fix your hair”

1. The reason why your hair is falling out is that you do not have enough fat. Have salmon. And if you do not want fish, then try flaxseeds.

2. Get some zinc from pumpkin seeds. Zinc can prevent the dryness. If you combine it also with cereals, pork, yogurt and cashews, then it will be awesome!

3. Protein is the base of your hair. That is why you should have some chicken for lunch!

4. In order to create the protein, your body needs vitamin C. And in order to get vitamin C you should eat strawberries. Citrus fruits are also great.

5. Almonds can help protect your scalp from UV light.

6. Beans can help with very heavy hair loss.

7. If your hair loss is fading, then eating Shiitake mushrooms can solve the problem.

So? Now you probably know what you will be eating for the next few weeks. Well, honestly, it will probably not be easy, but if you do it, then it will be absolutely worth it! Just do it! Your hair will be thankful! And you will also be a lot happier. Let´s not even talk about the jealousy of other people.

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