Double Date Ideas You Have To Try!

Sometimes, going out just you two, is not that kind of fun you want. And so you try to come up with a different idea of how to spend your time together. This often includes inviting another couple to do something with you. But, what should the something be? Well, let´s have a look at some double date ideas so that next time you will be planning a double date, you know what sort of activity you are going to invite the other couple to!

  1. Karaoke – this one is pretty simple and so much fun! Just make sure that no one of your four feels intimidated by singing in the public.
  2. Game night – for when you are just too lazy to go out. Simply make your plans at home!
  3. Theme park – well, this one is awesome! Although it might be a little cliche.
  4. Bowling – well, it is not fun when there is only the two of you. However, if there is four of you guys, then it is definitely going to be fun.
  5. Groupon – just use Groupon to help you do the job!
  6. Go wine tasting.
  7. Go dancing – find a dance class (for beginners) and enjoy the fun!
  8. Go for a dinner. Or, make dinner at your place for all four of you!
  9. Try hiking.
  10. Go to the beach – supposing it is an option for you.

And now, enjoy the double date!

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