Are You Going To Be His Girlfriend?

So you have been seeing this guy for a while and you really think things are going great, however, you are still not quite sure whether you are actually going anywhere. Well, if you want to know the truth, you should read this list of signs that will show you whether you will be his girlfriend or not.


  1. He lacks the consistency. If he is not making plans to be with you, then he definitely does not care about just as much as you hope.
  2. He does not want to introduce you to his parents or friends. He does not even talk about that option.
  3. He seems to only be remembering you when he wants to have sex. No romance, no cute texts, no nothing. Just sex.
  4. He is not interested in anything about you. He does not ask you questions, he does not want to know about what you have new, he only talks about himself.
  5. He told you that he does not want to have a girlfriend. And you still probably hope that he will change his mind one day. Well, he will not. Perhaps he might, but do you really want to take the risk of possibly having your heart broken?
  6. He avoids having conversations determinig your relationship. This is not good. If he knew what he felt, he would probably want you to know it too, right? The chances are that he is simply bored and that he only wants to have fun with someone. Nothing more.

If you are hoping to find a real relationship, then you should stop seeing this guy immediately. Especially if you have developed some feelings for him.

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