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How To Stay Fit During The Christmas

It is always so difficult not to gain some weight during the Christmas, right? I mean, with all the delicious food everywhere, one simply cannot resist the temptation. However, if you really want to stay fit this year, we can help you. But, it will require some discipline and determination, because otherwise, you can just […]

How to Pack Yourself Properly!

Are you travelling anywhere soon? Well, then you might need these tips on how to pack yourself properly. Just be ready to see some magic! Start by planning. Consider the time spent on your holiday and also, do not pack the things that you are not sure you will use. Pack those clothes that are […]

The Most Basic Skincare Tips

If you belong to the group of girls who do not really seem to pay extra attention to their skin, these basic skincare tips are just for you! When cleaning your skin, you need to use soap-free cleansers in order to keep your skin hydrated and prevent it from becoming dry. During this cold season, […]

How To Date An Artist

Sure, dating an artist may sound exciting at first. However, is it really exciting? Or is it really not something we are looking for in a relationship. Well, let´s have a look at some positives and also some negatives of being in a relationship with an artist, shall we? Let´s start with the positives: First […]

Shoes Hacks For Your Feet

It is fall now, almost winter and you need to realize that the times of sandals are forever gone. Now you have to deal with the blisters and that is definitely not funny, is it? Well, let me show you some hacks that will help you handle the pain. This one thing might sound crazy, […]

Things Your Gynecologist Should Never Do

The time for your gyno appointment has come again. And you probably feel a little bit stressed, because well, it is not a very pleasant examination, is it? But with a good doctor, it can be less embarrassing. But how do you know whether your doctor is a good doctor? Well, let´s have a look […]

7 Tricks That Will Help You Stop Overeating

Did you know that you only need one week to stop overeating? Yes! With these 7 tricks (each trick for one day in a week) you will finally learn how to eat healthy! Are you curious? Just read on and you will find out! Start on Monday by drinking more water. Most of the people […]

The Hairstyles You Should Wear When You Are Having A Bad-Hair Day

Not every day is a good day. Especially, not for your hair, we all know that. And since sometimes we are just too lazy to wash and style our hair, we need some hairstyle ideas that will make it easier for us to get through such days. Of course, without the necessity of trying too […]

Things You Should Do Before your Boyfriend Comes Over

So, your boyfriend is coming over this evening. And you cannot wait for it to happen. However, you still have a lot of work to do, don’t you? I mean, you have to be sure that you are 100 % ready when he comes, right? So, let’s make sure that everything goes smooth! Here is […]

How To Fix Your Ruined Clothes

You may have though some of your favourite clothes are ruined by stains forever. Well, good news is, they may not be! Just do not throw them away yet! These hacks can help you fix your clothes so that they are just like new again! First of all, if your clothes are shrinked, use this […]