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How To Date An Artist

Sure, dating an artist may sound exciting at first. However, is it really exciting? Or is it really not something we are looking for in a relationship. Well, let´s have a look at some positives and also some negatives of being in a relationship with an artist, shall we? Let´s start with the positives: First […]

Double Date Ideas You Have To Try!

Sometimes, going out just you two, is not that kind of fun you want. And so you try to come up with a different idea of how to spend your time together. This often includes inviting another couple to do something with you. But, what should the something be? Well, let´s have a look at […]

When Your Boyfriend Moves In

So it is official. Now you and your bae are living together. And there is nothing you can do about it. Still, if you want to change your mind, do it before it is too late. No? Okay, so congratulations! And now the real struggle begins! Just kidding. But prepare for a lot of changes. […]