Foods That Can Fix Your Thinning Hair

Every woman wants a beautiful hair, right? But what can she do in order to make that happen if her hair is too thin? Well, these foods can help fix your hair” 1. The reason why your hair is falling out is that you do not have enough fat. Have salmon. And if you do […]

The Most Basic Skincare Tips

If you belong to the group of girls who do not really seem to pay extra attention to their skin, these basic skincare tips are just for you! When cleaning your skin, you need to use soap-free cleansers in order to keep your skin hydrated and prevent it from becoming dry. During this cold season, […]

The Hairstyles You Should Wear When You Are Having A Bad-Hair Day

Not every day is a good day. Especially, not for your hair, we all know that. And since sometimes we are just too lazy to wash and style our hair, we need some hairstyle ideas that will make it easier for us to get through such days. Of course, without the necessity of trying too […]

Things You Should Do Before your Boyfriend Comes Over

So, your boyfriend is coming over this evening. And you cannot wait for it to happen. However, you still have a lot of work to do, don’t you? I mean, you have to be sure that you are 100 % ready when he comes, right? So, let’s make sure that everything goes smooth! Here is […]

Your Skin Vs. Stress

Well, it is easy to say “do not stress yourself,” right? However, it is much harder to do it. Is it not? Although we know that stress does not bring you anything good, getting rid of it is not as simple as some people think. People who live without stress. Oh, how lucky they are. […]

Are You Exfoliating Your Hair?

Wait, what? You can now exfoliate your hair? Well, that is insane, don´t you think? Well, apparently, you can exfoliate anything as long as it is covered with skin (apart from certain parts of your body that we do not recommend you to exfoliate). However, why is it so important that we do it? I […]

Things You Should Know About Your Skin When You Are Thirty

Being thirty, you should probably know your skin very well. You should be familiar with the products that your skin does not like, but also with those that do your skin good. However, you should also know some basic things about the proper care of your skin, shouldn’t you? Well, here they come: Weat sunscreen […]

The Way Your Body Changes When You Are Twenty

You have probably thoughts that by the time you turn 20, you will be fully grown up and your body will no longer be changing just as it was during puberty. Well, you are wrong. The truth is, even during your twenties, your body still changes. In fact there are 10 ways your body changes […]