Author: Katie Hopes

The First Weeks Of Dating

When you are dating someone new, the first weeks can be really stressful. It is just that you do not want to do anything that might scare them off somehow and you are so terribly scared that you usually do not enjoy this time at all. And you should enjoy it! Well, perhaps our tips […]

Is Your Friend Fake?

How do you fel about fake people? Do you like them? Well, nobody really likes fake people. We actually hate them, don´t we? However, the truth is that we do not have to live our lives suffering their company. In fact, we can get rid of them. On the other hand, it is important that […]

Dating A Younger Guy

Are you dating a younger guy? Or are you thinking about dating one? Well, if you are only thinking about dating a younger guy, then you should definitely read about some pros and cons that such relationship brings. Are you curious? Then do not stop reading! Let´s start with the pros! Well, the first is […]

Things You Should Not Say To A CrossFit Addict

Here are some things that you should never say to a CrossFit addict: You should not ask them whether they are worried about getting bulky. Once and for all: no! Do not ask them whether they are paleo. Do not tell them that they talk about it constantly. What are you talking about? Watching series […]

How To Fix Your Ruined Clothes

You may have though some of your favourite clothes are ruined by stains forever. Well, good news is, they may not be! Just do not throw them away yet! These hacks can help you fix your clothes so that they are just like new again! First of all, if your clothes are shrinked, use this […]

Things You Should Know About Your Skin When You Are Thirty

Being thirty, you should probably know your skin very well. You should be familiar with the products that your skin does not like, but also with those that do your skin good. However, you should also know some basic things about the proper care of your skin, shouldn’t you? Well, here they come: Weat sunscreen […]

Why Some Women Do Not Get Sick

Fall is the time when everybody gets sick. Nearly every second person gets cold or flu. Ain´t that right? You can probably see it now all around you. Or perhaps, you are already sick yourself. Well, if you are not, you can do some things to make it happen never. Just do what women who […]

The Way Your Body Changes When You Are Twenty

You have probably thoughts that by the time you turn 20, you will be fully grown up and your body will no longer be changing just as it was during puberty. Well, you are wrong. The truth is, even during your twenties, your body still changes. In fact there are 10 ways your body changes […]

When Your Boyfriend Moves In

So it is official. Now you and your bae are living together. And there is nothing you can do about it. Still, if you want to change your mind, do it before it is too late. No? Okay, so congratulations! And now the real struggle begins! Just kidding. But prepare for a lot of changes. […]

Do You Know When The Right Time To Say “I Love You” Is?

Being in a new relationship, you may find it hard to say “I love you” for the first time. Perhaps it is because you do not know when the right time to do that is, or you simply do not want to be the first person to say it and get no answer. Well, these […]