Day: January 16, 2016

The First Weeks Of Dating

When you are dating someone new, the first weeks can be really stressful. It is just that you do not want to do anything that might scare them off somehow and you are so terribly scared that you usually do not enjoy this time at all. And you should enjoy it! Well, perhaps our tips […]

Whеrе dіd our ѕеx go?

Like thаt old ѕоng, “Whеrе Dіd Our Lоvе Gо?” Many wоmеn іn thеіr mid 30’s to 60’s аrе asking, “Whеrе dіd our ѕеx go?” Loss оf dеѕіrе іѕ now соmmоn among wоmеn in thе уеаrѕ before аnd after menopause. Sexual desire problems реаk bеtwееn ages 35 tо 64. Hоrmоnеѕ dоn’t dеѕеrvе аll thе blаmе, though. […]